FBProfile-Logo-DarkBaseWelcome to Catharsiopa,

This is my Personal Blog where I share my own writings and art. My passion lies in all things esoteric and occult.  My own stuff will be posted in the Section “Creations”

Under “The Mystery Diary” You can buy the pdf or you can also purchase a physical copy of my book.

Under “Store” You will find Handmade Jewelry made by me for sale over Etsy.

There is a tiny section with “Esoteric Articles” which I have relinked from many sites that I have encountered on the web which I enjoyed and will keep updated.

I use many pseudonyms as a way to remind myself of the varying levels of self and also to10696179_1474313866189081_2955264802109875385_n remind myself I am not what I define to be nor what I perceive, but I am both the unseen and seen, the known and unknown, the I and the I that I define “by saying I am this and that”.
It is to remind myself that I am I and that everyone else is I and that is all that I am. All that and far more and at the same time nothing at all.

We all are that which we seek, we are already the answer to the question that is in our hearts



Yours Catharsia Opalis, aka. F.r.E.A.K aka. Tarin Akarin Raven aka. Ein Narr aka. Mystic Raven aka.
Raven Magusrex, Eternal, Immortal Being of Truth and Love Incarnate aka. Ravenking